Tele psychiatry

Dr Melanie Turner is providing bulk billed tele psychiatry for children from 5 to 17 via telehealth every Thursday.  Anyone who lives outside of the Major City (RA1) category, is able to access this BB service.  A referral from a GP or medical specialist is required.

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How to refer

Your GP or specialist can send you a referral letter to our email address: or fax to 08 7231 1945.

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Since 1993


Many of the patients at our bricks and mortar clinic at Norwood in South Australia are able to drive in to see our clinicians. We are aware that there is a shortage of this service for our rural and remote population of Australia.

Telehealth enables us to see you in real time, in your home, so that you can have the care that is best for you.  You can also come and see us in our clinic for a face to face appointment too, if you would like to do that at any time.

We focus on high quality individual care, we are a completely digital practice and that makes telehealth second nature to us. Our website for our practice is


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